This Might Change Your Life

I am about to share with you some simple words that might change your life.

How many of you are living your lives in negativity?

I am too! or at least I was before I found this quote.

I have always been a hot-headed, negative, pessimistic asshole. Battling my options with the rightful opinions of others. Sometimes I look back and wonder how my wife and friends stuck with me!

In traffic, on the news, at work, getting my daily coffee, I would always let things get to me. So now I’m looking back and asking, “Why?” Why in the hell did I let it all get the best of me?

It’s because I didn’t read this quote:

“If it’s not gonna matter in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes upset by it.”

Let me share that with you one more time incase your lightbulb didn’t go off:

“If it’s not gonna matter in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes upset by it.”

Holy shit. It’s that easy?       Yup!

99% of things that were bothering me wouldn’t be effecting my life in five years . So why am I letting myself be bothered by them? They don’t matter. There not a big deal, so I won’t let these things bother me anymore! When you come to this mentality, you will have such a relief.

This was a total wake up call in my life.

My commute became easier. Road range decreased, headaches went away. I was much happier in my day-to-day, I was respecting people and seeing past things that once ruined my day.


I Found This Image Here

After extensive research, which means a few minutes of Google searching, I have yet to find the creator of this quote. So whoever you are, THANK YOU! You are helping people, like myself, come to serious realizations of how little things really are. And that there is no point, at all, to over-think, over analyze, push opinions, fight, and be sour over so many things.

Next time you feel yourself getting ticked off at a certain situation, ask yourself. Is it worth fighting about? Will it matter to me five years from now? If thats not the case, turn around and never look back. You’ll be a better person for this.



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