Tips For College Success!

You need tips to help you get through college?

Go fuck yourself buddy. This is the easiest part of your life!

An advisor helped you pick your classes, your instructors tell you what book to buy, the pages to read, how to do assignments, what assignments to do, and what will be on your tests so you can prepare ahead of time. EVERYONE IS HOLDING YOUR HAND RIGHT NOW!

If classes are too hard, ask a question. Don’t be one of those people that doesn’t raise their hand because they are embarrassed. Everyone has the same fucking question. And if they don’t, who cares! You (most likely your parents or a student loan) are paying for this education so this is not the time to be shy. Get your moneys worth!

If you can’t grasp the answer to the question you raised your hand for, ask the professor for help after class. Each professor at any college across the nation is required to offer office hours for questions and comments. Go to the walk-in hours or make an appointment for some help! I struggled with my Strategic Business class. It was a 400-level, senior course that you needed to pass with a B to graduate. I asked questions that I’m sure some people thought were a joke. I emailed my professor dozens of questions before papers were due so nothing was left open ended.

Nothing bad will come from asking questions. In fact, if enough students have the same questions, most professors extend deadlines, put an exam on a curve, or reteach sections. The skills you are supposed to be gaining from any college course is proper communication, completing tasks, and meeting deadlines. If you take away knowledge other than this, you are a much better student than I was!

Can’t balance homework, your job, and night life? Well join the club! This is everyone else’s problem too. If you’re having a balance issue, get rid of the night life for a while. If you still can’t balance a full or part time job with school, reduce your hours at work. Schooling / education is the best excuse to give an employer right now. If you need to keep your full time hours to pay bills, you need to reduce your course load at school. Afraid you won’t graduate in a timely manner? Who cares! Most people don’t. I took an extra semester. I have friends half-way into their schooling and they’re in their late 20s and early 30s. Not a thing is wrong with that. To each there own!

So in closing, wake the fuck up! Put your head down and do your work. This is the easy part. When you’re done with this, then you can reach out for tips online from bloggers.


B.S. in Writing (<<<That’s a Joke!)


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