Dear Salespeople,

Dear Salespeople,

Sales aren’t hard. It’s just hard for you to sell something you don’t believe in, don’t have enough experience with, or are too set in a by-the-book sales strategy.

Don’t sell, TELL.

Tell me what your company does and I’ll tell you whether or not I want it.

You need to share with me how awesome your product or service is, and then I will in turn, have the urge to consume it. If I counter with a common concern, you better have a non-common answer that changes my mind.

Be honest with me. Tell me honestly what you are doing, what your opinion of the product or service is, and what you are gaining from me consuming it.

I like to give positives and negatives of products I sell so that people can see that I’m human and not a shark. If you tell me you think every single product you’re selling is amazing, I won’t believe you.

It’s like asking a waiter or waitress what’s their favorite thing on the menu when you’re out to eat. If they say, “ Oh I love everything” They just don’t care. But of you get a, “My top two are the pork nachos or the house burger” you’re getting an honest opinion. A opinion that has experience in exactly what you are doing. They are helping you based of of their past. That’s a great salesperson.

Consumers, clients, customers, whatever you call them, are getting smarter. They are very smart and they will crush you and your company if you fuck with them. Don’t fuck with them.

Consumers have a preconceived defense wall built up for sales associates. Be a human to them. Respect them and be honest with them. They will volley this respect. Usually in the form of a complimentary comment to your boss, sales commission, etc.

In past sales jobs, I have had great success telling consumers that I don’t make a commission. Everyone shopping at the store you work at assumes you are trying to sell them things to fill your own pockets. That was not my case. I was making a wage whether or not a customer purchased anything. So guess what I’m gonna do? Give you honesty and help you with whatever you’re looking for. If you ask my opinion, I’m going to give that to you too.

Whether you make commission or not, tell them. This might be bold, but it puts yourself out there for a customer to see.

“I’m not commission based” = “I’m getting an honest opinion on this product”

Telling a customer some things about your personal and professional life, can give them validation to give a commission to you versus another sales person.

Be a friend. Nothing makes a person happier than a friendly face. It eases all transactions when a customer thinks you’re a friend.

What do friends do? They care for one another. If a customer thinks you’re their friend, they will think every transaction is of value. “My buddy is hooking me up!”

Think of the bigger picture. Think of your life. Think of your client’s life. Don’t think of each sale being life or death. This will send you down a frantic, stressed-out path of pushing clients to buy, no matter what you or they think. It will end of setting you back even further. Just take a deep breath and be a person. We are all trying to do the same thing. Show us you are the same as us, and good things will come.


A  fellow consumer and salesmen


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