A Bait and Switch Interview?

The term Bait and Switch is typically heard in a retail sales setting. It is where some shark of a company markets you a great product at an affordable price they are offering for a limited time. Then you go, “oh shit…i need that! Let me head down to that store and buy that product.”

You make it into the store, tell the associate that you just saw the promo about the affordable product you need and suddenly the associate or a manager informs you that they are “sold out” of that particular product, BUT… you should check out this alternative. Oh and did I mention this alternative is usually more expensive or a poorer quality?

Those bastards! They cheated you! Sold you on a great product with the intensions of offering you an inferior product for a premium price.

This bait and switch action is unethical and usually illegal in a business setting. So my rant is this:


I have had several interviews for sales and marketing positions that start as a mid/entry-level position making $50-$65K, depending on experience. Then, midway through the interview, they explain that this base pay actually includes your estimated commission as well. So now you’re informed that your base salary is $35K and hopefully you can work your way to reaching your once ideal base pay. It’s fucking ridiculous! It should be stated in the job posting like this;

Estimated Salary Includes Bonuses and Commissions.

Don’t lie to me, and then hope that I will agree now that you have me in the interviewing seat. It’s an immediate demotion before I’m even hired!

Even worse than that ^^^ example, A while back, I had an interview at a fitness facility as a sales manager. This position was mainly selling gym memberships where I would received a base salary and a small commission based off of newly signed memberships. GREAT. Sign me up!

I get to this managerial sales position interview and the owner, who is conducting the interview, begins by telling me that the position I was applying for has been filled.

Wait what?!?!?

BUT… they have sales associates positions that get an hourly rate with an even smaller commission than the managerial position. Talk about a kick in the nuts!

The employer never called and informed me of the changes, asked if I still wanted to interview etc. So I go out of my way to prep for this interview, travel to their office (30 minutes away), to then get a slap in the face? Unreal!!!

Hiring managers please hear me out. You can’t be doing this to poor 20-something year olds looking to find a secure career. You are breaking them down, lowering their confidence, and making them settle for jobs that they will immediately have remorse over.

Don’t bully us into a career in your company. Sell us what you promised! You advertised goods with the intension of selling us on an inferior good. THAT IS BAIT AND SWITCH. THAT IS ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL AND FUCKING WRONG!


Every discouraged worker that you’re suckering into your interviews


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