About Me

I’m Nate Allard, a native New Englander who is attempting the pursuit of happiness and personal growth.

I am lightly traveled and I am gaining great experiences as I grow in my personal and professional relationships, business ventures, health and fitness levels, and general life.

I love my family and good friends. I enjoy being outside. I love drinking whiskey, dark beer and eating unique local food. I like wearing suits one day and fixing my tractor the next. Joking around and being sarcastic is required in my life. These are some things I know.


But Greek philosopher, Thales, once said, ” The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself”. This blog is me trying to figure me out, fully and completely. And as I do that, it may help others figure themselves out too. I believe once you hit that point of self-understanding, the world can be yours. So lets go get it!